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What automation systems do you work with?

We are an authorized Control 4 dealer. With Control 4 you can integrate audio, video, comfort (i.e. heating and cooling control, shade control), lighting, security and much more. Control 4 gives you local access using various remotes, touchscreens and Android or IOS apps, also remote access using an Android or IOS app.

Is Sonos like bluetooth?

No. Sonos supports CD-quality sound for immersive, crystal-clear sound. Most Bluetooth sounds systems compress audio signals, compromising sound fidelity. Sonos operates on WiFi, which means the Sonos system covers the entire range of your WiFi network. As long as your WiFi reaches all the rooms where you want to put a Sonos wireless speaker, you won't have any issues with range. Music keeps playing — without skips, delays or drops — regardless of where your phone is. If you’ve got Bluetooth speakers and are streaming music from your mobile phone, the strength of the wireless signal can be impacted by the location of your phone relative to the speakers. If the phone goes out of range, the music may skip or stop playing.

What options do I have for controlling my lights and thermostats?

We offer a few solutions. Control4 offers its own lighting and thermostat system which can be integrated together. Lutron also offers a lighting and thermostat system that can be controlled locally or remotely. Other third party thermostats are available that can be controlled through their own stand alone app or can integrate with Control4 and Lutron through their apps. The most popular example is Nest.